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Re: Hollow City Inspiration Thread

Postby Five » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:58 pm

Guest38354 = Father Frost

<Guest38354>quick question: Chapter3 took place three years after the civilwar, right? And HollowCity takes place three years after that? Makes six years since the civilwar and the dispatchment of the C3s, right?
<Nn>I ... guess?
<Ben>yeah 2 three year time skips
<Nn>that means that everyone is older
<Nn>Panda's characters would be like... 19
* Ben gives his character a white moustache
<Nn>and stein would be 106
<Nn>Lilith died of old age
<Fivel>only the organic half that is left
<Ben>but lilith is in the past fighting dinosaurs
<Guest38354>I'm just messin around with some ideas on how the society changed and evolved since the civilwar and how the clones handle their new freedom in society
<Nn>I think most of them are with the police I assume
<Ben>clones are always fun
<Ben>the dumbest clone is with the police
<Guest38354>Yeah, I thought so too: Most clones would join police or private security so they don't need to decide stuff for themselves
<Ben>not the dumbest in the literal sense, that's selaphial
<Nn>about society, we were mostly thinking that the city has grown massively
<Ben>yeah they are grown for following orders
<Guest38354>On the other hand I thought: There must be clones with some longing for freedom, since they're very diverse to some degree.
<Nn>there's probably a lot of super-rich people who have awesome lives aided by clone servants and riding flying cars etc. and then lots of people living miserable
<Nn>well, I think the government keeps track of them closely
<Guest38354>And most of them would fail at finding a place in society and become unemployed and criminal
<Ben>I am sure there are some trying awkwardly to be normal people
<Guest38354>Also the gap between normal citizens and the "new" clone citizens. I don't see them get along nicely
<Nn>using tatoo remover to cover their barcodes
<Ben>haha. they just have to buy scarves!
<Guest38354>yeah, some classic racist stuff like "No clones will be served" in diners and stuff
<Nn>Non-Clone seats in the metro
<Nn>haha ben
<Fivel>if half the police consists of clones, how come there would be places like that?
<Guest38354>A strong "Natural human" party in the senate or something
<Nn>they could still be seen as lower-class
<Ben>well they don't make the laws, just enforce it
<Ben>are clones old enough to vote? haha
<Fivel>ben: they are still not 18
<Nn>WHAT, votes for CLONES? what are you, DISGUSTING?
<Nn>next thing, robots can vote
* Ben is shocked
<Guest38354>Well, the regular citizens were used to treat C3s like shit on the one hand and fear them as lawenforcers for a fascist regime on the other hand.
<Guest38354>So there won't be much love for them, I guess
<Ben>yeah they do kind of have justification as clones killed their families
<Guest38354>Clones are registered as such in their ID, no?
<Nn>They probably have an obvious clone-ID
<Guest38354>So if their trying to obscure their clony nature they would have to buy a fake ID
<Ben>I'm sure they have extensive records of their id/DNA/service record
<Guest38354>like that
<Guest38354>By no means
<Guest38354>common job interview question: Name some stuff that happened TEN Years ago. No? Nothing? Well, off you go
<Ben>poor clones
<Guest38354>yeah, like five year old vietnam veterans with tattoed numbers and no place to go
<Guest38354>The city is run by a democratic voted senate or a mayor or what?
<Ben>by a sinister AI... maybe
<Guest38354>Ah Heavenstuff, right
<Guest38354>That worked out just fine for other dystopies I guess
<Ben>I guess the parliament would still be around
<Nn>I guess the city is run by 1 party
<Nn>and every 4 years you can vote for this 1 party
<Guest38354>Also: I know that was no issue in the past. But wouldn't there be an interesting conflict between common humans and any supernatural or, lets say, enhanced citizens (like undead-cyborg-type fellas)?
<Guest38354>Like the supers bossin around the regulars and the simple humans distrust and hate them for that
<Ben>I doubt most people would be comfortable around my character in any circumstances, haha
<Guest38354>Or at least some sense of tension
<Nn>I was thinking the police probably dislikes them
<Guest38354>since we're heading for a more darker, cyberpunkier approach
<Ben>ahhahaha ein
<Nn>brb looking for food
<Ben>well my character is some creepy cult leader. and the guy who makes the clones and sells the government their weapons
<Guest38354>Yeah like there are certain areas, clubs and likes, were you only get entrance to when you're, lets say, a vampire or a mage or a cyborg or stuff like that
<Ben>where they do... the monster mash!
<Guest38354>The popstars all are like syperhipp superhumans, elves and spectrals and the regular youths try to be like them and mod their bodies with prosthetics and stuff
<Ben>hmmm, nice idea
<Ben>kids going around with vulcan ears
<Guest38354>Yeah, just whe nyou thin kabout it: In our world, popstars, moviestars and such, represent a unreachable ideal of sex and asthetics. Imagine the deal when they are ACTUAL superhumans
<Guest38354>there would be ruckus in the streets
<Ben>and watching enhanced cyborg athletics on tv
<Guest38354>yeah, there would be a constant dispute about normal vs. supernatural in every layer of culture and society
<Ben>thats a nice theme. in a setting with all sorts of weirdos and super people from other dimensions
<Guest38354>At least the white people vs black people issue would be over since there is another group to hate
<Guest38354>always look on the nice side
<Guest38354>of racism
<Ben>everyone happily united hand in hand
<Ben>...against those filthy clones and zombies
<Guest38354>yeah, lets show 'em!
<Guest38354>Just think about vampires: They're undead, immortal, supersexy by nature and superhuman when it comes to strength and speed. And HollowCity is a environment where they can live in the open and just do what they do. they will be despised and hated and adored by every breathing human there is
<Guest38354>Don't tell me that wouldn't lead to racial and social tensions
<Guest38354>And most of them are filthy rich and date the most wanted billionaire undead cyborg playboy in the city
<Ben>plus one group feeds on the other!
<Guest38354>when your boss is a vampire and you know he just sees you as lifestock....
<Ben>then its time to change job... but everywhere else hired cheap clones already
<Guest38354>the corporate shrink is a psychic and mindreader and you're supposed to trust her?!
<Ben>: D
<Guest38354>Your landlord is a 12ft lizard who breathes fire every time you're late with the rent
<Guest38354>life sucks when you're normal in HollowCity
<Ben>haha :D
<Ben>poor humanity
<Aigis>I love humans!
<Guest38354>Me too
<Guest38354>great story materia
<Ben>quite so, haha
<Ben>hmm. inspiring me to start battling
<Guest38354>If I enter a character he definetely will be a human
<Ben>even though the intro comic sucked away my comic making skills
<Guest38354>you guys doing a collab intro comic?
<Ben>yeah, just a short one but it has taken a looong time, haha
<Ben>should be up today hopefully
<Guest38354>Can't wait!
<Guest38354>Yeah i would do a human character...
<Guest38354>who is a f***** racist
<Guest38354>go figure
* Ben will fight him with lots of clones
<Guest38354>Dude, we really need to battle some time. Waitin for that shot for years now!
<Ben>its long overdue
<Ben>I still wonder if I should submit my clone cop as a second character
<Guest38354>What clone cop?
<Ben>my apb character >_> haha
<Ben>who is a defective c3
<Guest38354>I see
<Fivel>do it ben :D
<Guest38354>I'm plotting something with a clone cop atm, haha
<Ben>: D
* Nn should finish and submit his robot cops
<Guest38354>reminds me: What with the C4s? Them still like bosses by nature?
<Nn>within the clones, yes
<Nn>there is a C4 in the intro comi
<Guest38354>We should make that the official uniform for HC
<Guest38354>nothing beats ballerinas when it comes to fighting crime in crime alley
<Ben>haha :D
<Ben>http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r585/BenCoombs/blah.jpg thats the uniform type I have been drawing
<Ben>spoiler spoiler
<Guest38354>oh fuuuck is that awesome....
<Ben>haha thanks :D
* Ben won't say how long it took
<Guest38354>also yay for dictators/idols wearin jeans and bein topless
<Guest38354>C3 armor is used like riotgear?
<Ben>yeah I guess the armoured clones would be used in more intense situations
<Ben>the other guys for parking tickets and minor police brutality
<Guest38354>That tough-lookin Cop has got a name?
<Guest38354>man, those punk kids never learn
<Ben>they must have the law beaten into them
<Guest38354>yeah, with shock batons!
<Guest38354>love them
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Re: Hollow City Inspiration Thread

Postby Einheit12 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:46 pm

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Re: Hollow City Inspiration Thread

Postby Father_Frost » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:57 pm

That's awesome! And helpful. I love charts.
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Re: Hollow City Inspiration Thread

Postby LewisRice » Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:10 pm

Hey folks! Long time no see. I've been working dilligently on some graphic novel work and some other payed project. It is hard to stay motivated most of the time! Especially if you're not writing and creating your own world but rather directing a script as it were. Though discovering this here Roy Crane sure has helped me get excited about comics!

I posted this over at Penny Arcade forums the other day and its because it just seems like a gigantic secret to me and I want everyone to know about it. Roy Crane can really draw!

Right now I'm just going crazy over Roy Crane, an old newspaper strip artist. I just got the Comics Journal's latest book and in it is an interview with him from the seventies and also a scrapbook that he gave to his assistant, full of panels from his works and helpful information about how to make the comic. Here is a link from seven gold camels (a great illustration blog).
http://sevencamels.blogspot.com.au/2011 ... pbook.html



This guy is an incredible draftsman and I'd love to work towards such beautiful compositions as some of these. Just ordered two volumes of his series, Captain Easy which is a bit more cartoony than some of this stuff and coloured in an almost psychedelic way.

I hope you're all well, I'm in and out, looking every now and then at your doodles and comics LIKE AN OMNIPOTENT GOD!!! WORSHIP ME!!!! ahem! So! Keep drawing and I hope you get as much out of seeing this guy as I did.


EDIT: Yeah "HOLLOW CITY INSPIRATION THREAD" I thought meant just general inspiration thread. BWAP my bad.!
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Re: Hollow City Inspiration Thread

Postby Einheit12 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:24 pm

Good to hear from you, Lewis! Getting paid for making comics sounds like you're living the dream for most of us. I guess making your own stuff would be even better, but I'd say you're on your way there? I hope you keep us posted about it, I'd love to see how it turns out, I always loved your drawings.

There's some interesting advice in there, I'm glad you shared it! I'm still looking through it all, and it definitely reminds me a bit of the advice of Wally Wood's 22 Panels that always work.
Since I am working on my own graphic novel right now, too, I am glad about any useful advice.

Also, don't worry about the Thread, I think it's just fine in here, since it helps!
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