Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

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Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Five » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:26 pm

Awesome banner picture is a Secret Santa 2017 picture by the even more awesome Patent!

Secret Santa Time!

Registration begins now!
Registration closes November 23rd 2019 (Saturday)
I will draw names and send out messages on 24th November 2019 (Sunday)
Entries due December 24th 2019 (Tuesday) evening/night
Entries posted December 25th, 2019


1. Make a post with "I'M IN!". The mods will update this first post with a list of who signed up.
2. So now you're in the list. Now you make a post with a few things in it. Mainly this: what you want to get drawn for you. I suggest your WFA/Hollow City material if you got one, since we know those characters best. It can be whatever your heart desires, though. Add links to reference pictures if possible. Also remember that your secret friend doesn't have to draw what you request for an extra surprise!
3. When signup time ends I'll randomly assign your name to someone else's. You'll get a pm with who you'll be making stuff for. You know how this works.
4. You can do your gift in whatever medium, 2d, 3d, animated, what ever you think will work. You can even send the thing to your person when we're all done. That's kinda cool right?
5. This is fun and all, but remember the deadlines. SERIOUSLY. DEADLINE IS THE 24th of DECEMBER. By the time I go to sleep on the 24th, I better see a ton of emails already in my inbox. If you miss this deadline you can't participate in next year's Secret Santa (or battles, if there were any) until you've delivered this year's Secret Santa picture. Serious, guys. Its only one thing you have to do, but you're expected to spend time and effort on it. If you can't expect to put in the effort and be on time, don't sign up.
6. Once you get your thing finished you need to send it to me by email (5five5 @ gmx dot net), or forum pm, or on Discord or whatever you can use to get in contact with me (Five). You can do this at anytime once you're finished. I'll take this and post it unmarked in a new thread on Christmas so everyone can see it and enjoy. Don't post it in the sign up thread, okay! It'll be obvious who did it since your name is attached.
7. If you've got questions for your person about their request you can pm me, and i can pass it along if you'd like it to still be a secret.
8. If you don't have a forum account and can't create one (I think we might still have that disabled due to spam bots) then send me an email, post on Facebook or hit me up on the chat and I'll enter you and make the request posts for you.


  1. Ben
  2. Runic
  3. Nova
  4. Sibaku
  5. Astorite
  6. Pandamonium
  7. Malk
  8. Patent Pending
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Runic » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:38 pm


As for what I'd like?
I can't think of anything festive enough! AAAH!
Any of my characters'll do!

Suggestions: Ace playing a prank on someone or some people. A flustered Cheyan. Ridley being 2 cool 4 school and being all bah-humbug. I dunno! Could be something funny, naughty, wholesome. I leave it up to you!

Some semi-recent refs here!
Ridley: ... _Clayborne


I have several characters to pick from this year so
YAY variety
Characters: Amane Shiraoto, Sayeh (Quarian/Mass Effect), Rein von Weiss, Liral or Lithlenen

And for suggestions: IDK, holiday-esque, basically just have fun with it? I don't really have any restrictions (other than the Quarian needs to keep the helmet on, but...that's obvious)

Sayeh the Quarian: ... cda010.png

Liral the Kobold: ... a19347.png ... a643af.png ... 4cea7f.png ... 678a53.jpg

Lithlenen the Triton: ... 512fc4.png ... aa320e.jpg ... e3daac.jpg ... ddc67a.png

Rein von Weiss: ... 10a310.png ... 588103.png

Amane Shiraoto the Dullahan: Amane doesn't have rabbit teeth. She has normal human teeth and extended canines (fangs) ... 2aaab6.png ... 95ec67.png ... ea3d5a.png
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby astorite » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:28 am


For wishes, anything with my characters, your characters, space, scifi cool, weird cosmic horror, or just chilling.

Astor: ... ketchS.png
Golfball: ... Sketch.png
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Pandamonium » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:27 pm

Malk and me are both in !
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Patent Pending » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:28 pm



I mean, I'm in.

EDIT: I always forget to tell you, dear Santa, what it is I want. I'm sorry, don't put me on the naughty list. You can draw my character (Aine, natch), your character, both of 'em hangin out, fighting, scopin' out babes in the mall, slaying a dragon, pranking the Cyborg Necromancer, etc., etc. Whatever you're feelin', babeh! I just like presents. And attention.

Some of Aine's fiercest fashions:
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Ben » Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:46 pm

In case suggestions are needed: it's always great to see something involving my comic characters, such as the factory-reject clone copper Utopia, or everybody's favourite weird scientist and clockwork gent, the Cyborg Necromancer! I trust your imagination!
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Five » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:06 am

Signup deadline is in 10 hours. Make sure to post your wishes asap so people can start sketching! :-)
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Malk » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:28 pm

Since I got a picture with a baby the year Loki was born, I was thinking on asking for one this year too, since Lilith was born.
I would like an Arcadian interpretation of movies with Loki (my character) and maybe Lilith Alpha (Panda's character), or your character or other people's characters too.

My sugestios on the movies are:

Three guys and a baby
Rasing Arizona
Addams family Values

If you don't feel like doing any of this, feel free to just draw something that you would enjoy ;) I will like it anyway!
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby Pandamonium » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:07 pm

I am going with the same requests as last year I guess

Primarily I would love a chill piece with Lilith, Loki and your character(s) in an Arcadian Cityscape. Doesn't have to be Christmas themed, but definately can be.

Alternatively I am currently very much into Homeworld again, espeacialy Deserts of Kharak, so if you ever feel inclined to somehow place our characters into that artisticaly, then go for it !

My likes in general are well known I guess.
I'm a huge nerd for Space Opera, military technology, Chemistry, Physics, Astrophysics, gothic architecture, architecture in general and the occasional Fantasy.
But don't let yourself be restricted by that.
If none of that tickles your fancy, just do whatever you feel like, above everything have fun doing this.
I am also partial to surprises.
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up Thread

Postby sibaku » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:39 pm

I will also more or less repeat myself from last year:

Either my old character Adrian Selas (some reference Images: ... an_selas/1) or just another char of you or someone else that you like. It would be great, if the char would be twisted a bit in one of the following themes:
- Jojo's bizarre adventure
- Gothic (Horror). Like in Berserk, Bloodborne or the whole plague mask style
- Pokemon/Pokemon Trainer

- Cute fluff corgis or cats (themes from above may also be applied if you want ^^)

If you don't want to draw muscle dudes, you could also draw my not yet named or fleshed out new character. Here are some sketches: ... ketch1.JPG ... sketch.JPG

As there isn't much to her yet, you have a lot of freedom. She is supposed to be more of a mischievous robin hood style thief with the power to phase through things.
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