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Postby MistaGrey » Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:34 am


Name: Victoria Price
Age: 24
Height: 5' 11''
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Hair colour: Black with some magenta hair dye.

Personality: Bad-tempered, ornery, stubborn, independant-minded.

Equipment: A four-shot grenade launcher. (Reference: ... er-Ref.png)

Biography: Victoria grew up, for the most part, on the streets of Arcadia gaining expertise about explosives and explosive devices from various gangs that she joined throughout her younger years. She decided to leave all of her gang activity behind her in her early twenties in order to pursue freelance and individual activity throughout the city. She now roams the city accepting contract work if the price is right.
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Anhorse » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:06 am

Character picture:

Character portrait:

*Name: Ædsidius
*Age: 41 Earth years
*Height: 167 cm
*Weight: 63 kg
*Race: Elipsus
*Allegiance: The 2nd Galactic Federation
*Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
*Eye colour: Amber
*Hair colour: Hairless


Very cautious of his surroundings. Determined. Oblivious to Arcadian laws, having crash-landed only very recently. Noticeably nervous around other citizens of Arcadia.


Ædsidius has no real experience fighting, but can be very perceptive of weakness in others. Coupled with his quick-thinking, Ædsidius is an excellent problem solver and is known to outwit his opponents using cunning and skill rather than brute force. A geologist and engineer by trade, Ædsidius is often studying minerals and tinkering with assorted electronics for his amusement. Other than exhibiting above average athletic performance due to the harsh workload on his home planet, Ædsidius has no discernible extraordinary qualities.


After Ædsidius and his family had been taken captive by the High Galactic Federation to work on a mining colony, Ædsidius pleaded with the Royal council to free them from slavery in exchange for his services as one of the most proficient geologists on his planet. A deal was struck with the Royal council that if he could bring them a sample of the last unknown element in the galaxy and demonstrate its militaristic possibilities, he and his family would be free to leave the colony without interference by the HGF.

After 12 years of searching. Ædsidius receives a signal from an undiscovered planet circumambulating the outer crest in star system 2200012: Coordinates (2304.034, 6901.004, 0004.234) The frequency of the signal is 99.1 Radio Arcadio.

Ædsidius will do anything for the well-being of his family even if it means jeopardizing his own safety.

Apparel: Blanket that he found in the residential ghetto upon crash-landing, tool pouch with extraterrestrial multi-purpose devices, Augmented reality optic goggles, foot wrappings, sub dermal illumination implants, Surgeon's face mask ( He thinks it'll help I guess)
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Lesser Dagon » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:07 pm

Character picture:
Character portrait:

Name: Red Gear


Height: 6ft. (Extends to 12ft. long )

Weight: He's made of metal. He's heavy.

Race: Enforcer Series Gearbot

Allegiance: Geartown Law Enforcement and Interrogation

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Shell: Gold plated with dark red, reflective Geartown insignia on his back and forearms.

Personality: Moves slow and thoughtfully when speaking, always looking around at his environment and analyzing his surroundings. Tail and legs cannot be seen while in civilian mode. Does not enjoy going into combat when minions are at its disposal to send into battle or other methods of capturing a target are available. If a target is within sight however, and he has the capability to do it himself, he will give chase. In combat mode, his fingers extend into 6ft, electrified tendrils and he extend to his full height, revealing a centipede-like body with 50, two-segment legs (25 pairs). Movement in combat form resembles a slithering cobra. Damage to nearby structures and property is unimportant when in pursuit of a locked on target. Capturing targets alive is priority... Health and condition of target after capture is negligible.

Abilities: Can scale walls and move at high speeds by digging its metallic legs into the surfaces. Uses the 8 tendrils as bashing weapons, whips, and for restraining/immobilizing targets.

Weakness: Must stay away from large bodies of water, due to being electrical in nature. Rain is not a problem. Does not rust.

Biography:Red Gear is the equivalent to a royal adviser or second in command. But prefers to spend most of his time enforcing the draconian laws of Geartown. Picking off civilians under suspicion of being traitors, law-breakers, or spies, most of his captives are never seen again or are subjected to torture until they admit their crimes (true or false) before being released back into society. He revels in power and enjoys watching the emotional reactions of organics, especially when they are afraid and display the wide range of emotions that vary between each individual, treating torture like a game. Even when chasing a target that is on the run, he enjoys seeing what the prey does to try and escape (Despite this particular trait, he does not waste time or toy with his prey while chasing them). His current reasons for leaving Geartown are to hunt and capture Bunni and her bunnies, calling them "Stolen amplification technology" and Bunni a "Traitor to the crown". He has a small base set up within Arcadia, in exchange he is providing Arcadian officials with Geartown tech during his stay and to pay for any damages that may occur while hunting the "fugitive".


"Will they scream? Beg? Blame their loyalest companions? I have seen them all before, but its the tiny differences with each confession that makes my job enjoyable"- Red
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby elyan » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:42 pm

Character picture
Character portrait
Name: Linus
Age: 22
Height: 1,70m
eyes: green/orange
hair: redish
specifics: humanoid, four armed, horn on forehead, can breath under water

personality and History:
Linus is acting shy and scatty. He used to be cold and uncaring and a little bigheaded but developed an insecure behaviour when his telekinetic power affected his formerly logical and lineal mindset and left his mind troubled. He now is more into social contact but at the same time still scared to get into any relationship with somebody. He fears the rejection now what he formerly didn´t care about.
Linus grew up under the watch of the Levidian Empire. He was raised by Mimas Necthula who has failed to be a father figure for Linus. In his youth Linus showed a great talent in physics and robot engeneering. He spent a lot of time alone in the laboratories, avoiding his fellow students while they avoided his company for his strange behaviour. When his other telekinetic talents manifested during his puberty they highly affected his ability to concentrate and became a real handicap.
He moved to Arcadia City to find a way to handle his situation better, realizing him becoming increasingly uncomfortable with his problematic ability to concentrate, his telekinetics and social problems.

He is pretty smart when it comes to technologies. He may be pretty advanced in his knowledge but is still a student.
His telekinetic ability allows him to move things, persons or himself but using it tires him out pretty fast probably cause he is very untrained in it.

Linus avoids to use his telekinetic ability as much as he can. The reason for that may lie in some complex he got during the manifestation of his ability.
Not using his power results in some sort of energy jam that gives him concentration problems and a very clouded mind and some sort of headache.
While refusing to use his power he is a lot of the time really handicaped in his studies and social behaviour and acts even stranger.

"insertnamehere": Multitransformable AI-robot (sidekick/nanny/support/study-engeneering equipment)
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Dir Naut

Postby astorite » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:15 am

Character picture:
Character portrait:
Name: Dir Naut
Age: 342 Earth Years (Young Adult)
Height: 373.5cm (12ft 3in)
Weight: 192kg (423lbs)
Race: Symturian
Allegiance: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Also helpful are other notes about the appearance like:
Eye colour: No Color / Black
Hair colour: N/A - Red-Tinted Gray

Personality: Quiet, moody (on the verge of bipolar), and generally distrusts all. He dislikes physical contact, likes to keep a large area of personal space, and can react violently to those who get too close to him (physically or emotionally).

Abilities: Extremely strong, minor telekinetics (a small stone's weight), high-technology knowledge.

Biography: Dir Naut had a youth filled with friends at the spaceport on his home planet Symtur. One of his dearest companions was from a race with shorter lifespans and shorter tempers, the Tzan. Naut took to the Tzan philosophy, taken by the younger race's relatively quick rise to power. He saw their ability to accomplish quick results as a sign of the "rightness" of their beliefs. The Tzan had stumbled upon advanced spaceflight, multi-world empire building, and gene-manipulation in under a thousand years. They improved themselves, pushed forward relentlessly, and began an interplanetary trade-route that brought them in contact with the Symturians. Naut was hardly the first of his kind to fall prey to their machinations, but he was the first to be in a position that they could use.

Diliant was a major country on the planet Symtur, steadily working toward a path of worldwide unification. Dir Naut was a young aid to the country's high chancellor, working diligently for years with little promise of promotion or recognition. Though these were normal conditions for trainees and apprentices to face, Naut had been tainted with the promises of the Tzan. They spoke constantly of Symturians' stagnation, pointing out the ages of time it took for Dir Naut's kind to even decide on actions to take. It was true, but they were an ancient race that had reason to move carefully. They lived in near perfect equilibrium, overseeing an enormous empire that technically included the worlds of the Tzan.

Through the whisperings of the Tzan, Dir Naut prepared a rebellion that, in the end, was extremely unsuccessful. Several high-ranking public officials died, and many were injured in a blast that also took out the high-chancellor. It was supposed to lead to the Symturians blaming the wrong people for the attack, Naut taking a higher position of power, and war of course. However, in typical Symturian fashion, they spent years investigating, years electing a new chancellor, and then years sentencing Dir Naut to exile.

Dir Naut was sent to a universe in the middle. It was literally the space between all universes; that minuscule nothingness that prevented everywhere from rubbing up too close. A dead planet of nothingness, he spent years there. This changed, quite suddenly, when he met a human, a woman that had somehow teleported into the in-between. Through a series of convoluted events, they became enemies because of Naut's attempts to find a way back to Symtur. This lead, once again, to Dir Naut's exile. This time, of all places, he popped up in Arcadia. Oh bother.

Size and Color Refs:

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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Cray-Crayfish » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:01 am

Character Picture:
Character Portrait:

Name: Kamikaze
Age: Unknown (estimated in her early 20's)
Height: 5'4", 162 cm
Race: Probably human
Allegiance: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (emphasis on the chaotic)

Logical, calm and collected; these are words that are never used to describe Kamikaze. Her manic personality and sporatic tendencies make it near impossible for her to be calm. She has often described her mind as a "rainbow mirror maze of fog", verifying that she is aware her mind is not as complete as a sane person's. because of her energetically random mental state, Kamikaze constantly gets side tracked and can't finish a task unless it involves explosions or the color red. Kamikaze is obsessed with the color red as she is with sugar based food products, cats, unknown forces controlling her mind, and blowing things to hell.

*Minor resistance to explosive attacks (including her own)
*Incredibly agile
*Can fall from great heights without injuring herself
*Understands the world around her by using backwards logic and explains things to others the same way
*Can talk to cats although it's not clear if it's true or if it's just in her head...

Kamikaze is formerly a test subject who was involved in experiments that were supposedly going to make clone soldiers bullet proof. She escaped before the process was complete, killing half the science team in an insane rampage. Kamikaze has been recognized as a terrorist with the only apparent motive of destroying science facilities, including some from CGN Co.

Kamikaze is recoginzed by her red sweatshirt and the plastic cat mask she always wears and is seen sometimes dragging an atomic bomb around in a red wagon. She calls the bomb Professor Plum.
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Falcon » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:00 pm


This is provisional. In the sense that I will pass it digitally and I will color it, but the result is this.

Name: Noah Bright
Age: 19
Height: 1.75
Weight: 65 kg
Race: Caucasian human
Allegiance: None
Alignment: Neutral Good

*Eye colour: Dark brown
*Hair colour: Brown

Personality: He is a lone but sensible boy, introverted with people in general, but opens up a lot when he know someone. He's good, and often wonders why the government continues to act against his own people rather than govern wisely and well balanced, but at the same time he condemn methods are not very orthodox (and often brutal) those who rebel. Actually in his mind there is a struggle between the passive and submissive to the government part of his mind, but rational and emotional, and his desire for rebellion, completely chaotic. This gap creates its freedom, because it is never entirely bound to an ideology or a faction in particular. He loves to read, but most have a free thought.

Abilities: ESP powers:

  • telepathy
  • telekinesis
  • chlaroivegence (he use tarots)
  • “sixth sense”

Biography: Noah was always a cute and nice kid, but considered strange by his peers for his attitude too “weird” And not only in the sense that often had strange behavior, but also for his thoughts, which often went beyond the dogmas of all parties, by those who supported the government to those who hated it. This gave him quite a few problems, not only with his companions, but also with the world. But his behavior was not only due to his personality, but also latent powers that were hidden in him. His younger brother had already expressed many times these paranormal powers, even greater than his own, and then he was used in the demonstrations, but the first time he felt a thought alien to him he was puzzled. As he grew his powers grews, until he found a way to channel them and use them at will.
A tragic incident unfortunately marked his adolescence. His parents died in an attack on an airship through the work of terrorists, and his brother disappeared soon after. Left alone, however, he investigated the attack and discovered that it was the government itself that led it undercover. He decided to take action, and to use his powers to fight everything that had gone against his idea of good.

Special notes: Noah has a slight depression, so he alternates between moments of sheer joy with moments of total apathy. Nothing serious, but this gives him much trouble.
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Yosei » Wed May 22, 2013 5:48 pm

Walpurga Maga-Cummis


Name: Walpurga Maga-Cummis
Age: 24
Height: 1,65 m
eyes: gold-brown
hair: deep fir green
specifics: human, second born of the house of Maga-Cummis, dark witch

Walpurga belongs to an old dynasty of witches. Since this family remebers, it has been it's purpose to keep good and evil in balance. Therefore there are always only two childs born, always twins, one a white magician, the other a dark. But even old dynastys get in touch with progress and new ideas and so the 'one good and one even child' wasn't practized since Brunhilde (the Cruel) faded away (around 1897 and not without crashing her cousins wedding, which made the familie nearly break into parts, she actually died of asphyxiation by a veil). Anyways back to toppic, the Famaly didn't follow the tradition any more, but nothing awful happened. So Walpurga raised in the knowledge of beeing just a witch who could follow her heart without any liabilities (like killing a whole village for fun or to save kittens from tree tops).
That changed after she found the ghost of her great grandmother in an old book. After that she was haunted by her ghost and is still now. But she woldn't be Walpurga Maga-Cummis if she hadn't the power to resist the dark whispers in her which promised her unlimited magical power and the darkest of dark mysteries if she continued the tradition of the dark witch. In fact, the best ways to resist are laziness and a good 'fuck everyone' attitude. And so Waplurga is studying business management and deals with potions and jinxes. Honestly most of the time she is dealing with stuff, so she can efford to cheat for passing the business tests.

Walpurga is kind of a melancholic and dark character with a lazy component. She doesn't care about people, most of the time, and prefers her own company.

She's very good in all kind of Potions, especially those for love, libido, happyness and against fear, nervousness, sleeplessness and all kinds of useful stuff wich can be sold to students. Jinxes also belong to her before, espacially the ones students need. For everything else beyond lesser levitation und minor illsions she has to take a look in her book (the one with the grandmothers ghost).
She's also able to see spirits and ghosts, when she concentrats on her focus (a scull of a raven).

Intro comic is following soon
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby Einheit12 » Wed May 22, 2013 5:53 pm

Oooooh :D yaay! Finally!
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Re: Character Submission Thread

Postby EMR » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:33 pm

Character picture:

Character portrait:

*Name:  Yarshanal
*Age: unknown.
*Height: 7'8”
*Weight: 116kg . (255 lbs)
*Race: Gnoll originally, now hellspawn.
*Allegiance: To be determined
*Alignment: Lawful Evil

*Eye colour: Red
*Hair colour: Red/Brown

Personality: Yarshanal is blunt, brutal and uncaring. Quick to anger and he viciously acts on any perceived slight or challenge to his power or authority. Though he loves the thrill of combat and is eager to expand his magical capabilities, he is not stupid and will not charge headlong into a threat he knows he cannot defeat. This temperance does war with his arrogance and blood lust so he often finds himself in over his head. He is fiercely loyal to those he swears to, or to those he owes a debt. His people have a strong sense of pack life, and this spills over into those he meets if he finds them agreeable enough.
Intimidation is a point of culture for him, and he uses boasts, brash words, and mild violence to assert his status within a group. This isn't seen as being mean, but a normal part of his culture. He is greedy for knowledge and every hungry for additional magical power.
He has no hesitations with killing those that oppose him, or endangering innocent lives if it accomplishes his goals.

Abilities: As an accomplished warlock he has bound his soul in service to the denizens of hell, and mastered a variant of necromantic magic known to his people as Soul Binds, or simply Blood Magic. He is able to feed off the life force of his opponents through his attacks, and uses this energy to heal wounds, fuel more powerful spells, and to shield himself from harm. His mastery of this magic is so absolute that he holds fragments of captured souls within him that he can access for additional skills, powers and memories. These soul fragments often manifest in combat as ghostly figures seemingly made of bloody smoke, a red miasmic haze that shrouds and protects him when he wishes it to.

He has tremendous strength and can use his magic to enhance his physical attacks. He is an accomplished warrior, with a brash, brutish style that is nevertheless very effective. He can use a variety of magical attacks against his foes with his signature battle spells being a fiery blast of bloodmist that clings to his targets searing them again if he is attacked, an overwhelming infernal energy attack that forms in front of him by pooling his mist and than blasting outward to great effect (this attack is further enhanced if he releases a soul fragment in using the blast). He can summon, semi-real bloody ghosts of those souls he holds which can accost his enemies, and he can unleash an unearthly howl that devastates the area in front of him and is more than capable of tearing through steel and concrete.

Defensively he can dissolve himself into his mist, becoming insubstantial and thus very difficult to harm, regenerate his wounds by feeding off souls, and he can summon forth an aura of incredible cold, freezing his enemies and turning his miasmic cloud into barrier of razor sharp ice shards, tearing into any who come close. This he can combine to deadly effect with his Infernal Howl.

In addition to his favourite techniques he can use a wide variety of additional magics with enough preparation, and is knowledgeable enough of magic to use ancient spellbooks, and other specialized relics. Given enough time and resources he is an expert magic-user and so can accomplish some pretty incredible feats.

Biography: Born under auspicious signs Yarshanal quickly grew to outstrip his peers and rose as champion of his clan. In a bid for additional power and immortality Yarshanal bound his soul, and the souls of his entire clan to one of the Dukes of Hell. After he finished slaughtering his people to the last, he basked in his new found power and became an engine of destruction upon his world, killing and consuming all he chose to. His pact delivered the souls of his slain enemies to Hell's waiting fields while gifting him with a small shard of their power. Over time he has harvested enough souls that he is a threat on a national scale, able to wage war against entire armies himself.

However his depredations soon drew the attention of the Celestial Realms and they came against him in a great host. His resources and powers forced to their maximum he was unable to prevail against their power and was forced to flee his world. His fiery, uncontrolled escape through dimensions brought him here, where he hopes to prepare and build his power once more, knowing that it will not be long before his enemies find him again.
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