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Postby deathstroke » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:02 pm

Character picture:
Tattoo reference
(Body proportions and physical build please refer to character picture)

Character portrait:

*Age: approximately 8 years
*Height: 206 cm (6'9'')
*Weight: 75,3kg (166lbs.)
*Race: C3-P
*Allegiance: The Government
*Alignment: Lawful Neutral

*Eye colour: Bluish platinum
*Hair colour: Brown tinted light grey

+Well disciplined
+Loyal to duty
-A unique sense of humor and a flaky sense of social timing
-Always serious
-Easy in trusting people
-Limited depth of abstract reasoning, especially regarding right and wrong
-Believes that a good offense is the best defense

+Enhanced regeneration
+Expert at operating heavy weaponry
+Excellent driver
+Built-in knowledge of warfare tactics
+Proficient in analysing
+Naturally talented at intimidating
+Adept at getting things from the top shelves
-Lacking in fine motor control and accuracy
-Reflexes suited for complete annihilation missions
-Reliant upon tools, digital sensors and weaponry
-Prone to taking drastic measures
-Muscles on lanky limbs still recovering from long term atrophy
-Not used to turning her head around
-Difficulty fitting in small cars

One of the C3-P whose powered armorsuit got sunken along with the CE ship. Survived a few years underwater off of the suit's life support until it ran out of power, and was on her way towards withering to death if the sunken ship hadn't been salvaged and she was recovered from the wreckage. After resting and learning how to walk again, she wandered the streets and, having been created to serve first and utmost, decided to join the Arcadian Republic Civil Protection's police department. Currently ranked rookie.

>Police Uniform
>Police Baton
>Pepper Spray
>Push-to-talk Radio
>Standard Issue Handgun
>Rookie Officer Badge

Physical description:
Extremely tall. Lean, sometimes with a less than ideal posture. Thin, dry skin. Soft thin hair.
Eyes used to looking downwards. Default expression resembling stoic frown. Difficulty smiling.

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